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GEFO-PROP is used, among other things, in the packaging of food, especially bread, but also in hygiene, printed matter, textiles, and technical applications.

GEFO PROP cast polypropylene can be produced in a wide range of grades depending on your intended application.

Well-known manufacturers rely on our film expertise.


Our production runs on five cast extrusion lines. We manufacture rolls of film up to 800 mm in diameter and with running lengths up to 16,000 metres in thicknesses from 25 to 75 μm, in various widths up to 2080 mm. Depending on the intended use, these films have one to seven layers, can be sterilized, frozen and/or laminated, equipped with anti-fog protection, pre-treated for printing and, depending on the customer's requirements, have different degrees of transparency, weldability, smoothness, tear resistance, and stability.